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Patch Readme / Download

This is our 'beta' version of the Battlezone II patch. We're using it to try to finish working out the improvements to BZII that we'll offering in the final patch. It can be downloaded as a self-extracting executable that will automatically install itself in your game directory. This patch contains improvements made by the BZII team at Pandemic Studios. It is not supported by Activision Customer Support.

Installing this patch may cause uninstall problems with the original version. Should you want to revert back to the original version -
- Copy Save Games and Pilots into a safe location.
- Delete BZII install.
- Reinstall BZII from CD
- Copy Save games and pilots back to new BZ2 install.

*Special Note: Once you install this patch, you will not be able to see unpatched games. (Tell your friends to get the patch.)

*Special note to Force Feedback users: We've just identified and will be fixing a slowdown associated with firing certain weapons on Force Feedback systems.

BZ2BetaPatch1.01b.exe [1,675k]
Download from

Multiplayer Tips

The linked document was compiled at Pandemic Studios to provide tips for maximizing your BZII playing experience and performance with the beta patch. It is not part of the official documentation released with the game by Activision. It is not supported by Activision Customer Support.

nettips.txt [18kb]
Download Site 1:

Below is a partial list of the improvements made in this update.


Chat with all is now the default option in MP.
Modem server games should be more reliable.
Sync join games should launch more reliably.
Late joins should be more reliable.
Removed pause on join in deathmatch games.
Servers can now set a max ping for joining clients.
Minimized game state sent across network to allow for faster modem joins.
Removed terrain reload on deathmatch join in order to eliminate major stall.
Warning to clients on joining a server with a high ping.
Session list now shows only games of the same version.

Input Controller Issues

Joystick should now retain calibration.
Players can now reverse the joystick.
We've increased the dead spot in the joystick.
We're still working on Win2000 and foreign OS key bindings.