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Welcome to Pandemic Studios' Online Discussion Board! Here you can talk to various members of the community about everything related to Battlezone II! Swap secrets, hints, rumors and tactics, and lie like a dog about your playing skill.

Please realize that while the board is frequented by Pandemic employees, we cannot possibly reply to everyone's questions. Also, be sure to consult the FAQ ('Freqently Asked Questions') below before asking any questions about Battlezone II - they may already be answered. While we encourage open discussion, we do insist on common courtesy and civility in expressing your point of view. Enjoy the board!



General Questions
What are the minimum system requirements?
When does the action of Battlezone II take place (i.e. future, past present)?
Why can't I find Battlezone II in stores?
Will Battlezone 2 work with beta copies of Windows 2000?
Is there a patch in the works?
Why isn't there a lobby for players to chat before they join a game?
Gameplay Questions
How do I get past mission 11, "On Thin Ice", in the single player game?
How do I send text messages quickly in multiplayer?
When I start a team game why can't my opponents see what I am saying?
Why does my Deathmatch game pause when other players dynamically join?
Technical Questions
How can I make explosions more impressive on my computer?
Why does my mouse lag?
How can I make my modem servers more stable?
I'm having problems with my joystick.
If I have more questions about multiplayer, where can I look for info?