Battlezone II

The BZII 1.2 Official Beta Patch is now available. Get it today from our download page

Battlezone II

The BZII 1.1 Official Patch is now available. Get it today from our download page

Battlezone II

Battlezone II has been appearing in stores throughout the United States this week. So get out there and ask 'em "Where's my BZII?"

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The Activision marketing weasels have come up with a great new plan: YOU promote BZII! (And get a chance to win cool free stuff while you're doing it!)

8.31.00 BZII 1.2 Official Beta Patch Available

The Official 1.2 Beta Patch is now available on our downloads page. We recommend everybody download the patch for the latest improvements and bugfixes in Battlezone II. Note: This patch is not supported by Activision Customer Support.

8.14.00 BZII 3-Pack DLL Source

Having problems with DLLs in the latest BZ2 build? Check out this handy archive, which includes the complete source code for BZ2 1.2's Deathmatch, Strategy and MPI DLLs, and MS Visual C++ projects to build them. You can grab the DLL source codes at the downloads page.

6.12.00 'Small' Textures File Now Available

Pandemic programmer Ken Miller has packed up a new 'small textures' file that has been requested by several of you hard-core BZII players. The small textures (64x64) file is for systems with limited memory (can improve game performance). You can get it from our downloads page.

3.31.00 BZII Pack File Tool Available

Now you can pack up all your user-created modifications in a single PAK file, allowing for up to 75% compression using ZLIB. Grab it at the downloads page.

1.18.00 Mod maker's update

Pandemic programmer Brad Pickering has updated his Battlezone II DLL samples for creating single-player maps with a more helpful version that should work with Visual C 5.0. Get the newest version from our download area.

1.14.00 BZII Beta Patch Feedback

Normally we receive a lot of gamer input and feedback through our community discussion board. Unfortunately, as many of you know, we have been having problems with the board. We’re still eager to get feedback from everyone concerning the performance of the beta patch, however. For the time being, please e-mail comments to We will begin sorting through these over the next few days. If the patch works well for you, super! (but in that case there's no reason to e-mail this address.) We really just want to know about problems. Unfortunately, we will be unable to respond individually to your reports. In your report, please include the following information if possible:

Your system:
CPU specs
OS version
video card and video driver version
type of Internet connection

Type of game you were playing (including map and what settings)
A description of the problem
If you should encounter a crash, press the 'more' button and copy the contents of the window. Paste those contents into your email to us.

With your help we can iron out problems for the offical patch.

1.13.00 BZII Beta Patch Available

Our BZII Beta Patch is now available. Please make sure to read all the notes on the download page before installing the patch.

1.13.00 Contest News

Prize winners for our BZII 'Tell a Friend' contest have been notified, but two winners gave us e-mail addresses that are no longer valid: Joel Munday of Beaverton, Oregon and Troy Welter of Winona, Minnesota. If you guys could contact with your correct e-mail addresses, we can send out your prize information. If any of you out there in the community know either of these guys, please let them know. Thanks.

1.11.00 Mission/Map Makers Unite!

Today we have two new items up for download. The first, documentation for the map editor, was compiled by our very own Art Director, Carey Chico. The second, sample files for creating mission DLLs, is brought to you by resident Programmer Brad Pickering.

1.7.00 New BZII FAQ

The guys at Pandemic studios have just posted an updated FAQ that addresses a number of common questions raised by fans on the Pandemic Studios discussion board over the past week. (For customer support, please visit the Activsion BZII CS page.)

1.4.00 E-Cards Contest Winners

The results are in, and we have a lot of winners to announce from this past fall's BZII "tell a friend" contest.

10.8.99 New Units Release

When you've got to stand your ground, you'll be glad to have an ISDF or Scion Turret.

10.8.99 New Screenshot

It's not a safe world out there, as an ISDF pilot leaping from his tank discovers in this week's screenshot.

10.5.99 Promote Battlezone II and win free stuff!

...And you don't even have to buy TV ad time or get a fancy marketing degree. Just promote BZII by participating in our new contest. You'll become eligible to win the latest 3D cards and sound cards, Activision games, and a bunch of other cool prizes. And what's more, it all goes to a good cause: helping the Activision marketing guys to get the word out about BZII! (and they need all the help they can get.)

9.16.99 Demo Downloads top 200,000!

Battlezone II's demo has hit a remarkable 200,000+ downloads! If you haven't taken it for a test drive yourself, there's no reason to wait another second! Download the demo from Intel today!


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