Make sure to get the latest drivers

Probably the most common 'bug' we receive is related to old and incompatible video card drivers. If you are having frequent crashes, or cannot get the game to run, we suggest you download the most recent drivers for your particular video card.

Firewall Setup - Dark Reign 2

If you are having problems related to firewalls it is suggested that you read this document.

I can't create a game because it say's I'm behind a firewall
If you are behind a firewall (or behind a connection sharing system) you will find that you are unable to host DR2 games on WON. You can however, modify your firewall setup to allow you to host games.
Note: Modifying your firewall may reduce the security of the network behind it.

The first thing to note is, what kind of firewall you are behind. The are three major varieties;

  • A firewall which blocks off incoming traffic but allows outgoing traffic.
  • Firewall software which has the same result as using a firewall.
  • A connection sharing system which allows a private network share a single internet connection. Examples of these are Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), Microsoft Proxy, FreeBSD NAT (Network Address Translator), Linux MASQ (IP Masquerading). They will all be referred to as NAT for the remainder of this document.
The other thing to note is what port is the game using. DR2 by default uses TCP Port 26214 but you are free to change this to any other port you like in the Multiplayer options which can be accessed in the options area of the shell. It is recommend to use high port number to avoid conflicts with other services running on you system.

Regular Firewalls
If you are behind a firewall which is of the first two varieties then all you need to do is allow incoming TCP through port 26214. If the game still won't let you host you can turn off the firewall auto detection in the Multiplayer options and set it to not behind firewall. If other players still cannot connect to games which you have hosted this indicates that they cannot connect to port 26214 on your system which means the firewall is still active or the problem exists beyond your network (there are some ISPs which use connection sharing and may block some ports). The only thing left to try is to check the firewall config and try some different ports (by changing the port in the Multiplayer options.

Network Address Translators
If you are behind a NAT you will need to have the NAT forward a port to the machine you want to play on. In the above diagram you would forward port 26214 to Once you have done this you will also need to change your local address in the Multiplayer options screen to be the external address of the NAT ( If you want to have several machines behind the NAT being allowed to host, you can forward different ports to different machines and then configure the matching port in the Multiplayer options. For example, you could forward port 26215 to and then configure the port to use on that machine to 26215.

Changing Ports
If you do change to use different ports, you may find that you can't play games on you local network. This is because by changing the port number you are also changing the port it uses to search for other games. To fix this change back to the default port.

Map Transfer
On a final note, you cannot send maps to other players at the moment if you are behind a firewall of any kind, but you should have no trouble receiving maps from other players.


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