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There are now 5 Dark Reign 2 cineractive AVIs available for download.


Pandemic PicGrabber TM (6/22/2000)

Tired of that same old, dreary desktop background?

Want to get updated with the latest images of Dark Reign 2?

Get a fresh outlook every day and help us test PicGrabber TM, a small program that will bring the latest big, beautiful DR2 images right to your desktop. Each day we'll add to our selection of images to choose from. Just click the picture you like from the four offered and your desktop background image will be instantly updated.

What's more, you can also have a part in deciding which new image will be displayed the next day. Just click the 'contenders' button at the top of the PicGrabber TM window. You'll be shown a field of eight candidates. Click on the one you like best. The image that gets picked the most will be added to the 'winners' list of download selections for the following day.

Download PicGrabber TM from

AVI Movie: "Uh-oh" (6/12/2000)

High Resolution AVI (640x480) at 8.4 MB.
Download dr2_uh-oh_640.avi from

Low Resolution AVI (320x240) at 3.9 MB.
Download dr2_uh-oh_320.avi from

AVI Movie: "Higland Pass" (6/2/2000)

High Resolution AVI (640x480) at 11 MB.
Download dr2_battle02_big.avi from

Low Resolution AVI (320x240) at 3 MB.
Download dr2_battle02_sm.avi from

AVI Movie: "Artillery Support" (5/26/2000)

High Resolution AVI (640x480) at 22 MB.
Download dr2_battle01_big.avi from

Low Resolution AVI (320x240) at 11 MB.
Download dr2_battle01_sm.avi from

AVI Movie: "Into the Sprawl" (5/9/2000)

High Resolution AVI (640x480) at 16 MB.
Download dr2_sprawl_big.exe from

Low Resolution AVI (320x240) at 8 MB.
Download dr2_sprawl_small.exe from

AVI Movie: "Ambush" (5/3/2000)

High Resolution AVI (640x480) at 19MB.
Download dr2_ambush_big.exe from

Low Resolution AVI (320x240) at 3.5MB.
Download dr2_ambush_small.exe from


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