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"...perhaps the best real time strategy game ever to hit the PC platform."

Above is a snippet from PC Gameworld's DR2 review - just a few of the words of praise heaped on Dark Reign 2 by the gaming press since the game's release. To get the full run-down of reviews and praise, check out our press links page.

Fan Sites

The following are sites created by fans of Dark Reign II. Several of the links are followed by numbers which designate their Pandemic Watch "Towers". If you would like to see a list of the other watch towers or if you would be interested in getting your own tower for your site, click here. (The clan list consists almost entirely of Dark Reign clan sites .)

Aiix Modificaton Center For Dark Reign II (Tower 162)
Beldin's Dark Reign Page
Clay Pigeons (Tower 104)
*Cpt*Captains (Tower 52)
Dark Presence
Dark Reign 2 Armada (Tower 64)
Dark Reign 2 Dimension (Tower 167) (Tower 109)
Dark Reign (Tower 99)
DR2: Campaign Creations (Tower 157)
DR2: Exploratory Corps (Tower 161)
DR2 Inferno (Tower 169)
DR2 Intelligence (Tower 5)
DR2 Screenshots
DR2 Tavern
DR2 Training Facility (Tower 136)
DR2 Zone (Tower 170)
Dark Central
Dark Presence
Dark Reign Bibles
Dark Reign Center
Dark Reign Database (Tower 67)
Dark Reign Depot
Dark Reign Element (Tower 88)
Dark Reign Heaven
Dark Reign Homepage
Dark Reign NET
Dark Reign Realm
Dark Reign Toolbox
Dark Reign Zone  (Tower 6)
Dark Riders (Tower 139)
De3MoN's Temple Of Secrecy (Tower 126)
Dark Reignation (Tower 113)
Gamer's Paradise (Tower 145)
Hidden Realm (Tower 16)
Jovian Detention Center (Tower 11)
Land of Sorrow (Tower 35)
Light Reign (Tower 174)
Marine Demon Co. (Tower 176)
Offical Australian Games Network (Tower 122)
Reign 2 (Tower 94)
Revolution-X (Tower 9)
Respawn (Tower 168)
RTS gaming  (Tower 22)
Soul Asylum (Tower 93)
Sprawler's Colony (Tower 147)
Strategy Asia (Tower 154)
Temple of Sadness
The Phantom Cow's Webpage (Tower 43)
*SoD* Preditor's hompepage (Tower 129)
World Gamers League (Tower 144)
World War IV (Tower 151)
Zone: Dark Reign 2 (Tower 135)

Clan Sites

Art of War
The Australian Intrepid Incendiary Imperium (Tower 158)
Blood Angels
Brotherhood of Judas (Tower 132)
Brotherhood of Vengance (Tower 179)
[CS] Clan website (Tower 172)
Dark Warrior
Dread Knights (Tower 128)
Death To All
FOE's HQ's (Tower 113)
Hellcat Irregulars (Tower 173)
Midnight Raiders
Morbid Sordid Anarchy (Tower 88)
Pain Killers Clan (Tower 102)
Clan [SoB] (Tower 171)
The Dark Ops Team
United Lords of Chaos
VUP (Tower 86)


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