The Benchmark

“Dark Reign 2 is a massive improvement over its predecessor, especially in terms of the way it looks. It is without a doubt the best looking RTS title to date, and with its super camera system is destined to be the benchmark which other forthcoming games in the genre look to for guidance.”

- Adrenaline Vault

Online Reviews

Gamespot UK   -  8.5 out of 10

" exceptionally playable game that amounts to a tasty distillation of all that has gone before."

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Voodoo Extreme   -  83%

"...a good balance of unit power, solid strategy, and compelling single player campaigns, not to mention gorgeous graphics. "

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PC Gameworld   -  93%

"The new reigning champion of real time strategy is Dark Reign 2. In a few choice words, this game kicks Asteroids!"

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Electric Games   -  5 out of 5 stars

"Beautiful graphics, animation, and varying terrain...3D RTS games may still be a bit of a novelty, but this game brings all of the elements together well."

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Eurogamer   -  9 out of 10

"...with Pandemic releasing new maps on a weekly basis, Dark Reign 2 is sure to become a hit in multiplayer circles."

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GamePro   -  4.5

"With its spectacular graphics, awesome sound, and easy-to-use interface, Dark Reign 2 is a perfect example of how to make a great 3D real-time strategy game."                                                                                                    

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Gamers Pulse   -  87 out of 100

"Dark Reign 2 gave me everything I was expecting: solid gameplay, great graphics, and a fun way to kill several hours."

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Game Unit   -  4 out of 5 stars

"...Activision and Pandemic have outdone themselves with this game and have blown away my expectations of RTS games."

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Play Now   -  9 out of 10

"...eye-popping graphics, killer audio and fantastic gameplay."

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Adrenaline Vault   -  4 out of 5 stars

"...excellent online play with tons of play styles, and has a developer that is committed to continued support of the product."

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Daily Radar   -  Hit

"...arguably the PC strategy game of the year to beat."

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GamePower   -  3 out of 4 lightning bolts

"...Dark Reign 2 is an excellent game."

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Electric Playground   -  8.5

"Well worth the wait, Dark Reign 2 puts its aging competition to shame with its polished visuals..."

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HavenGames   -  86%

"Pandemic has a real winner on its hands."

Check out the HavenGames review.

Games Domain Review   -  no rating

"...successfully transforms the 2D RTS format into a stunning 3D environment."

Check out the Games Domain review.   -  83

"...just plain fun"

Check out the GameRankings review.

Gamers Focus   -  8 out of 10

"...the most challenging and entertaining 3D RTS to date."

Check out the Gamers Focus review.


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