Washington insiders are convinced an announcement will be made in ten days.

Pandemic Feared Involved in Major New Alliance

Washington, D.C. - "It could upset the balance of world power for decades," warns one analyst, "and the players who we think are in this thing have the resources to affect millions across the planet. The Pandemic Society has never pulled anything this big." To many in the intelligence community, the recent activities of the Society point to the formation of a powerful new alliance between Pandemic and what one historian has describes as, "the most powerful force in the history of the our planet - and I don't mean gravity."

Officials from several global watchdog organizations have echoed these new fears. "We've been monitoring this build-up for months now," explains spokesperson Shauna Moeller, "and not only does it appear that the Pandemic Society has more than doubled in size, but our surveillance reveals that there have been numerous meetings between Pandemic and representatives of some of the world's most influential organizations. We even have reason to believe that some kind of public announcement will be made, perhaps as soon as ten days from now. You can bet that every ear in Washington will be tuned in to this one."

Unfortunately, no detailed information is available at this time, and sources for the Watch can only guess at the import of these worrisome pieces of evidence. All we as world citizens can do is remain calm and remain vigilant. "Ten days," whispered one official, "we'll know everything in ten days. I just hope the world is ready."

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