About the Watch...

The Kennedy Assassination. Secret FBI files. UFO crashes. The Rothschilds. Watergate. It all pales compared to the complex web of events and agendas that we're tracking. We're Pandemic Watch, and it is our purpose to gather information and keep the public informed about the activities of an unbelievably dangerous group of people that we in the intelligence community have come to know as the "Pandemic Society". Masquerading as a small computer game developer, the Society is, we're convinced, working to bring about some earth-shaking event, or chain of events, that could bring armies and parliaments to their knees. What is the specific nature of this event(s)? At this point we only have clues. But for whatever they're planning, we as citizens of planet earth must do our best to remain vigilant and prepare as best we can. To this end, we have determined that our most responsible course of action is to reveal what we know and encourage individuals to take precautionary measures for themselves. And while we know we're running the risk of inciting planetary hysteria, we're convinced that individual citizens must take action. Even if only half of what we suspect is true, the combined resources of all the world's governments will be insufficient to turn back the globe-sweeping tidal wave of the 'Pandemic effect' (for whatever form it takes.)

As you review the information offered here, try to remain calm. Take deep breaths and remember that we're all in this fight together, that you're not alone. Because of the grave import of many of the subjects discussed on this site, we recommend that you remove small children from the room as you browse, though you may wish to talk about the issues we've raised with your family later. The development of a 'family plan of action' would be, in fact, a good idea.

As new information comes to light, we will update this site. We will also be sharing and carefully reviewing all press releases, public statements, and other data released by the Society (under the name 'Pandemic Studios') related to the development of their two supposed 'computer games', Battlezone II and Dark Reign II. Remember, the best way to fight is to stay informed. Make sure to visit this site regularly to stay abreast of emerging developments. Don't permit yourself or your family to be caught unaware when the Pandemic strikes.

- Watchman

Please Note: The theme and tone of this website were conceived solely for the purposes of entertainment - in other words, yes, all you nut-case-conspiracy-theory-extremists: IT'S A JOKE! Any similarity of mentioned people and events with actual people and events is unintentional. A trademark for the name 'Pandemic Studios' is pending. 'Battlezone' and 'Dark Reign' are trademarks of Activision, Inc.  And yes, we've got boatloads of mean lawyers - so don't mess with us. Copyright (c) Pandemic Studios, LLC. All rights reserved.