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If YOU run your own web site and would like to join the Watch and help us monitor the Pandemic Society and their nefarious activities, just click here to read a bit about the Watchman and shoot an e-mail our way. Make sure to include the URL for your site. You'll be added to our mailing list of special operatives who receive insider reports on what's going on inside the Pandemic Compound as well as various secret files that we've intercepted. You will also be assigned a 'watchtower' number and badge gif to place on your site.

Stay informed...Join the Watch.

Current Watchtowers reporting in...

Tower 2:
Tower 5: DR2 Intelligence
Tower 9: Revolution X
Tower 10: NoLimit Clan
Tower 11: Jovian Detention Center
Tower 12: Battlezone Spec Ops
Tower 13: Gamer's Alliance Strategy
Tower 17: Angry Angels
Tower 18: Insomniax
Tower 19: Battlezone Constructor
Tower 21: Battlezone II Hangar
Tower 22: RTS Gaming
Tower 23: Castle Camelot
Tower 24: Warpig
Tower 26: PCR
Tower 28: Strategy Gaming Online
Tower 31: dr2me
Tower 33: The J-Files
Tower 34: Dark Reign: Land of Sorrow
Tower 35: Cosmic Warriors
Tower 36: Free Fun for Everyone
Tower 38: NSDF Headquarters
Tower 40: Strategy Planet
Tower 43: The Phantom Cow
Tower 44: NordicKnights
Tower 48: Vacuum Clan
Tower 49: Bombers Only Clan
Tower 50: Planet Battlezone
Tower 51: The Nav Beacon
Tower 52: *Cpt*Captains
Tower 53: HEL Clan
Tower 54: Imperiale Guarde
Tower 55: PC Paradox
Tower 56: Lords of Chaos
Tower 57: ABC Warriors
Tower 59: ISDF Commander's Bz2 Outpost
Tower 60: Spieleplanet
Tower 61: Fade to Black
Tower 62: Wildcat's Battlezone HQ
Tower 64: Dark Reign II Armada
Tower 65: Australian Space Defence Force
Tower 66: FUA Clan
Tower 67: Dark Reign Database
Tower 68: DVX Clan
Tower 69: ISDF Outpost
Tower 72: Haven Games
Tower 75: Rocket Tank Coalition
Tower 76: House of SyN
Tower 80: Horny Hut
Tower 81: DSC Dark Spire
Tower 82: Black Dogs clan
Tower 83: G-Zone
Tower 84: TRW Clan
Tower 85: The Cage
Tower 86: Vex Ubiquity Project Clan
Tower 87: MOF Clan
Tower 88: MSA Clan
Tower 89: PMAN's Page
Tower 90: Dark Reign Element
Tower 91: Sky Fortress
Tower 92: Death To All
Tower 93: Soul Asylum
Tower 94: Reign 2
Tower 95: North Wind Highlanders
Tower 96: Strategic Attack Corps
Tower 97: Planet Battlezone
Tower 98: Scionic Weapons And Tactics
Tower 99: Dark Reign
Tower 100: Battlezone Command and Control Center
Tower 101: Battlezone Land Office
Tower 102: Pain Killers Clan
Tower 103: Food179's Robotech
Tower 104: Clay Pigeons
Tower 105: BZ Bombshelter
Tower 106: Battleshack
Tower 107: USMC Clan
Tower 108: BZ Front
Tower 109:
Tower 110: Daily Telefrag
Tower 111: Cpt. Picard
Tower 112: Blood Angel High Command
Tower 113: Dark Reignation
Tower 114: ISDF Command Center
Tower 115: BZ Annihilators Clan
Tower 116: Battlezone Zone
Tower 117: Stroughz Tower
Tower 118: Online Combat
Tower 119: Deathlands
Tower 120: BattleRealm
Tower 121: The Black Watch
Tower 122: Offical Australian Games Network
Tower 123: Killer's BZ2 Domain
Tower 124: Alpha Dragon's Lair
Tower 125: Z28's Page
Tower 126: De3MoN's Temple Of Secrecy
Tower 127: Wpl Gsr's Map Page
Tower 128: Dread Knights
Tower 129: *SoD* Preditor's hompepage
Tower 130: Terranius
Tower 131: The Gangster's
Tower 132: Brotherhood of Judas
Tower 133: Order of the Crimson Claw
Tower 134: Fallen Angels
Tower 135: Zone: Dark Reign 2
Tower 136: DR2 Training Facility
Tower 137: Dark Xen Enforcers
Tower 138: Dakker's Site
Tower 139: Dark Riders
Tower 140: Clan UNITY
Tower 141: DSC Spartans
Tower 142: BZ Online 2000
Tower 143: Warzone
Tower 144: World Gamers League
Tower 145:
Tower 146: Battle Commander
Tower 147: Sprawler's Colony
Tower 148: Quad Rebel Force
Tower 149: Clan of Shadows
Tower 150: The Furies
Tower 151: World War IV
Tower 152: Pandemic Alert Page
Tower 153: Tiger Elite HQ
Tower 154: Strategy Asia
Tower 155: NoLafrica's Web Page
Tower 156: Stingers Home
Tower 157: DR2: Campaign Creations
Tower 158: The Australian Intrepid Incendiary Imperium
Tower 159: The Battlezone Online Community
Tower 160: NoLimit - Rogue Squadron
Tower 161: DR2: Exploratory Corps
Tower 162: Aiix Modificaton Center For Dark Reign II
Tower 163: {LoC}Saint's BZII Scrap Book
Tower 164: The Battlezone Wall
Tower 165: Strider's Battlezone II Page
Tower 166: BattleZone 2 Map and File archive
Tower 167: Dark Reign 2 Dimension
Tower 168: Respawn
Tower 169: DR2 Inferno
Tower 170: DR2 Zone
Tower 171: Clan [SoB]
Tower 172: [CS] Clan website
Tower 173: Hellcat Irregulars
Tower 174: Light Reign
Tower 175: Game Newz
Tower 176: Marine Demon Co.
Tower 177: United Battlezone Federation
Tower 178: Clan KOA
Tower 179: Brotherhood of Vengance
Tower 180: TAMEC Map Evaluations