Greg Borrud marvels at the revelations of his strange visitor.

Dark Reign II project gets alien help

Roswell, NM - "It was at first just three lights in the sky, small, like bright blue stars. Then they come closer. My wife and I, we seen this kinda thing before, so we known what it was. Those three lights, they got as big as Volkswagons and come hoverin' right overhead, and then down they went, soft though, like feathers floatin' down, and landed just over that rise." That's the description we got from Ned Boone of Roswell, New Mexico, who witnessed the landing of three alien spacecraft near his home last Wednesday night. And that's not all. "When we come up to look, Pearlie an' me, we seen this fella out there waitin' for 'em. Dressed in black, wearin' glasses, an' holdin' a drink in his hand, in a tall glass, a colored drink with little umbrellas and stuff in it." "Like what they give us when we went on our cruise," interjected Boone's wife. "And then," continued Boone, "he sets down the glass and starts clappin' his hands together. 'Beautiful' he says, like in a real satisfied way, 'beautiful' he says again."

Those words - that clap - the black bowling shirt, the frilly drink, they are the unmistakable trademarks of Dark Reign II project director Greg Borrud. According to the Boones, "the man in black (Borrud) approached one of the spacecraft and helped several little alien fellas out of this small hatch - wiry little creatures, but heads as large as basketballs." "Bigger," interjected Pearlie Boone. "Well next," continued Ned Boone, "they all piled into this black van what had pulled up around the rear and tore on off in a hurry."

We pick up the story two days later in Santa Monica, where a black van, no doubt the very same one witnessed by the Boones, pulled up in front of the Pandemic compound around 2:30 AM. Several people got out, including Borrud, followed by three short figures shrouded in hooded cloaks. The group quickly made their way through the security gate and into the building. The next day we received the photograph shown at left. While we cannot reveal the source of the image, it clearly suggests that whatever Borrud and his team are up to, it is a project of galactic proportions. What alien agendas are at work in the progress of the Dark Reign II project? How closely are the aliens and the Pandemic Society tied? What does it all mean? We feel like we're getting closer to the answers, but we also fear that the danger is greater now than ever before. Stay tuned...

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