Rick Felman bravely stoops to examine the strange device.

Idaho man discovers spying device

Boise - Idaho insurance salesman Rick Felman was sitting in his den watching a favorite television show with his wife Janet when he began to hear a strange, high decibel beeping sound. "I couldn't imagine what it could be," said the visibly shaken Felman, "so I got up and started to look around the room." After several minutes of searching, Mr. Felman discovered a small metallic box attached to the lower back portion of the the entertainment cabinet he and Janet had purchased on a recent trip to Seattle. "I didn't know what to think of it," continued Felman,"but I sure was scared. It had a thing that looked like a miniature camera lens on it and a bunch of little, blinking red lights. I was afraid it was going to blow us both to kingdom come, like a bomb or something."

Felman immediately called the authorities, who "arrived quicker than you could imagine" and removed the device from the Felman's home. "They were kind of weird guys," said Felman, "two in uniforms and another guy in a black suit. It was the man in the suit who made me sign a paper and then he took the thing and slipped it into a little brown cardboard box." We actually sent several of our operatives to talk to authorities in Boise about the incident, but officials there claimed to know nothing about it. No reports of devices, no little brown cardboard boxes, no beeps. Nothing.

So where is the device - and who were the men who came to retrieve it? According to Rick Felman's description, the man in the suit "was tall and wore glasses." That sounds like it could be Pandemic Society operative "Joey the Grape", but it's difficult to say. There are also the following strange facts: 1) Mr. Felman reports that in the two or three weeks before the discovery of the device, he had had reccuring nightmares "about stuff chasing me around." 2) During the same period, Janet Felman had suddenly begun experiencing migraine headaches, and 3) Last Thursday night, the Felmans both had the same dream. According to Janet Felman, "I was standing on a beach and there was a long dock going out into the water, but it was also like some kind of amusement park or fairground. I remember a big ferris wheel."

Could the place described in the Felman's dream be anywhere other than the famous pier in Santa Monica, California, a landmark that is located just a couple of blocks from the Pandemic Society Compound? We think that in light of the Felman's other experiences, it must be the place. So what was the Society ultimately trying to do with the Felmans? Was it a kind of clandestine behavioral study? A sinister mind control experiment? Worse? We can't be sure at this time. But one thing is certain: we will continue watching. Keep your browsers pointed here to get the latest updates.

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