The signs of the coming Pandemic are multiplying - and for those of you who don't believe it, we've got proof. As often as we can we'll be offering fresh evidence from around the country and around the world of the effects of the activities of the Pandemic Society. Mind control, spying devices, strange experiments, and other paranormal phenomena - it's all part of the Society's effort to take ultimate control. Read on. You'll discover why we're convinced:

The Danger is real.
The Pandemic is coming.
There is no cure.

Ten Days and...Nothing?

Washington, D.C. - It's been ten days since we heard claims from several top intelligence sources that the Pandemic Society was about to make a major announcement - an announcement that would supposedly reveal an alliance between Pandemic and "the most powerful force in the history of the our planet". more

Pandemic Feared Involved in Major New Alliance

Washington, D.C. - "It could upset the balance of world power for decades," warns one analyst, "and the players who we think are in this thing have the resources to affect millions across the planet. The Pandemic Society has never pulled anything this big." more

Pandemic Strangely Quiet

Santa Monica, CA - "The worst part is," begins Ewing McKenzie, President of P.A.C.T. (People Against Conspiratorial Terror), "our governments and regulatory agencies think that everything is fine! Well, I'll tell you, one guy to, well, to whomever we hear it - the fact that we haven't heard a peep out of the Pandemic Society in several months is the biggest news story, so far, of the new millenium. more

Street Prophet warns: End is Near!

Santa Monica, CA - He's been standing on the sidewalk in front of the Pandemic Compound for six days now, shouting to everyone who will listen - "The Pandemic is coming! The End is near!" Derwood Helman would probably be described by most casual observers as a 'street person' or even a 'crazy bum', but this bum's no ordinary beggar. more

Dark Reign II project gets alien help

Roswell, NM - "It was at first just three lights in the sky, small, like bright blue stars. Then they come closer. My wife and I, we seen this kinda thing before, so we known what it was. Those three lights, they got as big as Volkswagons and come hoverin' right overhead, and then down they went, soft though, like feathers floatin' down, and landed just over that rise." more

Snow anomaly caused by Pandemic

Gary, ID - With all the snow that's fallen recently, it easily might have gone unnoticed. In Gary, Indiana, a single city block - in fact a single house, received 11 feet of white stuff. "It's quite a sight," commented one man who lives in the neighborhood, "I'm shoveling my driveway - Davis is shoveling his roof trying to get down to his house." more

Pandemic twisting minds of youth

Santa Monica, CA - It appears that the Pandemic Society's plan to infiltrate the minds of America's youth is right on track. Recently we witnessed an innocent group of students from the Calmont school being herded in through the doors of the Society compound in Santa Monica. more

Pandemic conducting military exercises

Peru - Our operatives returned this week from South America with stunning evidence of secret military training exercises - exercises that were being conducted by the Pandemic Society! The exercises must be part of the Society's preparation for some major action in the upcoming year. more

Idaho Man Discovers Spying Device

Boise, ID - Idaho insurance salesman Rick Felman was sitting in his den watching a favorite television show with his wife Janet when he began to hear a strange, high decibel beeping sound. "I couldn't imagine what it could be," said the visibly shaken Felman, "so I got up and started to look around the room." more

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