"Aliens will not rest until they have conquered, showing no emotion, no compassion, no weakness or fear, and we, too, must fight to the death. For if we fail, there will be no future generations to eulogize us, no one to learn from our mistakes."

    - ISDF General Armond Braddock

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Name: Pluto
Diameter: 2300km
Day: 6.39 Earth Days
Dist from Sun: 39.53 AU
System: Sol
Moons: 1, 'Charon'
Year: 247.7 Earth Years Temperature: 35-45 K

Pluto, the last known planet in our Solar System, is the setting for the opening act of BZII. Cold and lifeless, Pluto is the most inhospitable world on which the ISDF has planted its flag to date. Not a good choice for that weekend get-away you've been planning.

The ISDF base on Pluto is criss-crossed with dark tunnels.

Pluto's nearby moon of Charon rises over the ISDF base.

Pluto Screenshots
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