DR2 Cineractive Contest

Use these tools to create your own Dark Reign 2 Cineractive Movies and enter them in the Dark Reign 2 Cineractive Contest. Contest runs through Friday, August 25th!


Dark Reign 2 Development Tools

In this section are the tools and information necessary to modify aspects of Dark Reign 2, including making your own maps, missions, models, rulesets and more. These tools are not supported by Pandemic Studios or by Activision Customer Support.

Meshviewer & 3ds Plugin for .GOD files (8/04/2000)

As a follow-up to last week's Construction Kit Manual, we present the Dark Reign 2 Meshviewer and 3dsMax plugin. Now you'll be able to create those oh-so-important .god files, import your own models into the game and expand the Dark Reign 2 universe!

View the Mesh Viewer Documentation

Download the Dark Reign 2 Meshviewer from Pandemcstudios.com 2.6M
UPDATED (8/14/2000): Minor bug fixes

Download the 3ds XSI Exporter from Pandemcstudios.com 50k

Dark Reign 2 Construction Kit (7/28/2000)

The Dark Reign 2 Construction Kit Manual will provide you with details on the Dark Reign 2 Editor, including tutorials on how to create your own multiplayer maps and single player missions. Additionally, we have included the Technical Reference Manual, which provides details for the DR2 scripting language. Now you have all the tools to start making your own amazing Dark Reign 2 maps, missions and cineractives!

Download the Construction Kit Manual for viewing offline. (1.6M)


View the Construction Kit Manual online at pandemicstudios.com.


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