The Watchman
I am the Watchman, and I have taken it upon myself to expose the global threat posed by the sinister Pandemic Society with their addictive, mind controlling 'entertainment' projects. As Watchman, I rely heavily on information I receive from the many informants who contact me via email. I try to get this information out to the public as quickly as possible. Recently, some of you out there have expressed frustration about the rate at which I am able to correspond with you. In some cases, the message you send me should actually be going somewhere else. Below is some information that should help you decide when and what to send my way.

1.    I will try to answer e-mail as promptly as possible, but as a single point of light in a vast, dark ocean of conspiracy, my resources are limited and I often won't be able to respond to your inquiry immediately. Please be patient.

2.    I have constructed web sites to track progress and information for each of the Pandemic Society's sinister projects. All available information regarding release dates, patches, and updates is offered on these sites. I update them when I get new information.

3.    If you've already fallen prey to the Pandemic Society's addictive gaming schemes and are looking for gameplay help, try the Discussion Board. For technical support, go to the Activision customer support site at I'm sorry, I can't offer tech support.

4.    Please do not add me to any commercial mailing lists. I get enough mail as it is.

5.    If you have an idea or question about an upcoming project, post it on the Discussion Board instead of e-mailing me. The Pandemic Society's sinister agents scan the board regularly.

6.    If you see a problem (broken link, bad HTML, etc) on the websites, please report it. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

7.    If the server goes down (no doubt due to the meddling of the nefarious Pandemic Society,) I will have already been notified and I'll be working to fix it. Unfortunately, I sometimes run out of rubber bands and duct tape and have to vacate my hidden mountain retreat to venture out for more. Please be patient.

8.    If you've already been turned to the dark side and wish to submit a resume to the Pandemic Society, send it to instead of me.

9.    You are welcome to make use of graphics on my site as long as you respect the copyright (i.e. at the bottom of the page, put "Certain images (c) 1999-2000 Pandemic Studios, LLC and Activision, Inc. All rights reserved."

10.    I can't offer builds, betas, or demos of Pandemic projects other than those available for download from the project websites. PR for these projects is handled by Activision.

11.    I receive hundreds of requests to Beta test for Pandemic. If you send me one of these, I'll forward it to the appropriate people, but please bear in mind that the Society already has numerous test minions in its sinister ranks.

Watchtower FAQ
     How do I join?
If you would like to become a Watchtower, you must have a website. Email using the address below. Remember to include your name, your email address, your website URL and your website's name.

     Can I have Watchtower #(insert number here)? It's not being used!
Those lower number towers are generally already being used - either by a currently offline site, or it is reserved for future use. Remember - numbers are assigned in the order they are received.

     Why aren't you sending us information more frequently?
I do my best to get information to my informants first. Sometimes, however, the Society's security is so tight that I don't have much to release.

     What if I change my website/email address? Or if my link is wrong?
Email me! I like to keep track of my informants.

     What is a Watchtower?
If you don't know what a Watchtower is, go here.

You can contact me at

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