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'Pandemic Studios' is the name of the secret Pandemic Society's' 'game company' operation down by the beach in sunny Santa Monica, California. The fact that a large portion of Pandemic's efforts is directed toward producing very polished computer games is not in question. In fact, Pandemic's leaders have worked for years in the game industry to establish their identities as respected PC entertainment developers, putting together titles that have sold millions of copies. Even now they're working on two big 'Real-time strategy' sequels, Battlezone II and Dark Reign II. All of this just to hide their actual, secret objective: complete political and economic domination of planet earth.

Why do they call themselves Pandemic Studios? The word 'pandemic' is defined as "occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population." The studios' president, Josh Resnick, insists that "we just thought the term was very appropriate to describe the infectious nature of our games." Right. Mr. Resnick appears to believe we were all born yesterday. Based on our research, we've become convinced that, while they are certainly being designed to affect 'an exceptionally high proportion of the population', there is much more to these 'game projects' than meets the eye. What are the projects really about? And why do they need such cutting edge graphics, advanced AI and path planning? Is it all part of a global military coup? Long range mind control? Are they working on their 'projects' as part of a collaborative effort with agents of foreign governments, even agents of governments on other worlds? Already their two public projects, Dark Reign II and Battlezone II, have developed virtual cult-type followings, as is evidenced by the existence of scores of fan sites. Is Pandemic's regular interaction with these game fan sites a part of their mind control experimentation? We think the frightening possibility exists.

Pandemic makes every effort to appear to be a perfectly normal company, and like most normal companies have addresses and contact information. We see no purpose in hiding this information, as it is easy enough to find. But if you feel you must contact Pandemic, we urge you to use extreme caution. The operatives who respond to your inquiries may appear perfectly benign and cordial, but don't be taken in. We cannot state it strongly enough:




Pandemic Studios
1920 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Voice (310) 450-5199
Fax (310) 450-5190

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