Society Profiles

While there is much that is still not known about the true aims and activities of the Pandemic Society, we have, through months and months of painstaking research, been able to figure out who some of the Society's members are. Many of these people are currently masquerading as friendly game producers and mild-mannered programmers and artists. Many may look completely normal, and most actually move about freely and openly in the public sector, confident that no one will realize who or what they are. The following is the information we have collected to this point. We will be adding additional profiles as soon as we get new reports. We suggest you read and internalize the included text and images. If you should happen to see any of these 'people' in your home town, please, for your own safety, DO NOT APPROACH THEM! Instead, contact us immediately, and we will take appropriate action. Your vigilance may help save the planet!

Andrew Goldman

The Man. A legend. A myth. An ever looming threat. An ever puzzling enigma. The biggest name in a secret world of nameless people. How big is Goldman? (We couldn't even speculate as to his real name.) To quote a movie from a few years back, "He's the guy behind the guy behind the guy." There are some people with the Watch who doubt that he could even exist. If he does exist, he probably isn't the grinning figure in the red shirt in the game studio's press photos. Cleverly covered his Cold-War ending cooperative work with CIA director William Colby and KGB chief Oleg Kalugin under the auspices of the development of a computer game released a few years later: Spycraft.

Josh Resnick

Charming front man for Pandemic's 'Studio' operations, the man behind the smile could be the most dangerous individual in the world. "It just eats me up," confided one retired intelligence agent, wringing his hands, "he's right there in front of you - and you know who he is - you even have a pretty good idea what he is - and there's nothing you can do about it. His name (or a corresponding numeric code) appears in intelligence dossiers, royal dinner party guest lists, and on membership rolls for the boards of corporations so large and powerful most people will never hear of them. He was even mentioned in Project Blue Book. And yet he doesn't seem to do anything else but run a game company. Resnick is certainly aware of the activities of the Watch and always insists that he's happy to talk with us. YOUR DENIALS WILL NEVER DISSUADE US, MR. RESNICK. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE - AND WHEN WE FIGURE OUT EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING, WE'RE GOING TO TELL THE WORLD!

Greg "The Buttercup" Borrud

No wallflower, this powerful underworld figure has 'business' connections that stretch from Beirut to Hong Kong. He also secretly owns several of the most popular nightspots on the Sunset Strip, as well as a number of 'gentlemen's clubs' in Atlanta and Miami. "The Buttercup" probably provides the muscle the Society requires to keep its operations secure. You can regularly see several of his goons, disguised as vagrants, patrolling the streets around the suspected Pandemic Compound in Santa Monica. "He's a tough one - no doubt about it," offered one D.C. organized crime expert, "we've been tryin' to get at him for years, but nobody can touch him."

Will Rosas

If this guy is who we think he is, he's one of the best stealth counter-intelligence operatives anywhere. Problem is, according to 'official records', he's dead. Was apparently lost during a special mission in Basra during the Gulf War. "He had hands like a surgeon and eyes like an eagle. It's a shame we lost him," commented his former commanding officer, Major Richard C. Bradford. He's currently listed on the 'official' Pandemic Studios roster as an art director, and with skills like his we can verify that he is an artist of a sort. Question is, what does the Society intend to use him for? If we could figure that much out, we would have a much better picture of their overall aims and objectives.

Carey Chico

"No such person," insists researcher Les Hornburg of the Elmira Institute. "I've run probably 50, no, 60 checks. There's no such thing as a 'Carey Chico'. You go out and find him if you're so sure." Actually, we are, and the scope of his powers can only be guessed at. Even after seeing the stunning photgraph of Chico shown at left, Horburg was still dubious. "Photographs like that are faked all the time. You say it's a face, but I think it's probably indistiguishable from any other arial geological survey photo." Photgraphc expert Wendy Hildorren disagrees. "What you've got here is iron-clad proof, and I don't say that about too many things. It's the teeth that give it away. That was problem with the 'face on Mars' pictures from a few years back - no teeth. Those kinds of things are just impossible to fake." Well, all we know is Chico is no fake, and the nature of his sinister work with the Pandemic Society, with whom he's listed as an 'art director', must be explored if we are ever to obtain a complete understanding of the Society's hideous agenda.

Andrew Payne, Esq.

Listed simply as a 'programmer' on the public 'Studio' roster, Mr. Payne controls more world markets than any of us want to believe. "He holds entire national economies in the palm of his greedy hand," one financial analyst said to us recently, "I wish you could tell me where to find him." Evil mastermind behind the Nikkei collapse a few years back. His global holding company, Payne, Inc., distributes everything from porn to chocolate bars from its warehouses in Brisbane, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. With Payne and his considerable coffers backing the Society's efforts, Pandemic would appear to have limitless resources at their disposal for putting their mysterious projects in motion.

Kenny Miller

Ken Miller has done it all - championships in Southern California, Hawaii, Australia - Wherever there's great surfing, you can bet Ken Miller's been there. The thing most people don't realize, however, is that he's not just surfing. His specially designed board is actually sending out psyonic pulses that convey messages to various sea creatures. Several marine biologists have confirmed that over the past year they have observed inexplicable behavior in whales, dolphins, and several types of tuna. "We can't explain it," says crusty old whale researcher Kevin O'Hairn, "somethin's got the whales acting like dolphins, dolphins actin' like whales. It's like their minds are being controlled. It's diabolical I tell ya." Is the Society experimenting on sea life to hone their mind control system, or do they have some plan to harness the ocean's animals to fulfill some dark agenda? Whatever the case, Ken Miller is sure to be involved.

Christopher Lawrence

It is pure conjecture that the shadowy figure known as the White Rabbit (a.k.a. Christopher Lawrence, a.k.a Heinrich Mannteufel) studied theforbidden arts of terror at the myth-shrouded temple of the Amida Tong assassins in Far East. Nor can rumors be substantiated that he joined the Pandemic after returning from a mission to a buried alien artifact in the Antarctic. What is certain, however, is the sinister nature of the White Rabbit's plans. His agents of terror roam the globe, and his presence at the Pandemic Compound can only mean a widening of his network of fear.

Wil Stahl

"You coulda knocked me over with a feather," said one intelligence agent, "or he could have." Famous for years as a popular circus performer and carnival "strong man," Wil "the Anvil" Stahl's feats of strength include his one time lifting of seven 'monster' pick-up trucks over his head at a dirt bike rally in Texarkana. "Now that he's with the Pandemic Society, the one time friend and hero to boys and girls across the world has clearly taken a darker path," lamented his former circus employer Bill "Jumbo" Denverees. "It just makes my heart sick." It's reasonable to expect that the Anvil will primarily be employed in Pandemic field operations.

Nick Punt

"Evil!" screamed Louisa Fontaine as we showed her the images of supposed Pandemic 'artist' Nick Punt. "He's evil incarnate! He's come to earth to destroy us all!" We've done some background investigation to try to discover just what it is that's so wicked about Mr. Punt. "That thang he wears on his head," explained one man from La Grange, Georgia. "It's like a gas-mask or somethin' - like frickin' Darth Vader. He even wears it in his sleep. It's scary. If that aint wicked, well mister I don't know what is!" Punt, according to our best information, was born evil. "And he stayed that way," asserts Louisa Fontaine. "You can feel it the minute he walks into a room. Oh, and the evil, wicked things he's done. He threw rocks at my sister's house, and another time he ate this little girl's ice cream - right in front of her! It was outrageous! Why don't they do something about people like him?" Well, Ms. Fontaine, here at the Watch we're going to make every effort.

'Black Jack' Davis

As uncanny as it may seem, it looks like the Society has found a way to bring old wild west outlaw 'Black Jack' Davis back to life! "It's him alright," said noted Western historian Antonio Van Hale, "the quick hands, the limp, the twitching eyebrow, the evil cackle. He fits the description in every way." The tales of 'Black Jack's' exploits are the stuff of legends - that he once rustled a herd of cattle riding his horse backwards, or that he once took on the whole Ford gang, who had cornered him in a saloon, with just a toothpick - and won! "It's bad enough they're usin' tha talents o' all of t'day's hoods against us," lamented veteran policeman Kevin O'Darby, "but now they're a bringin' back all tha ones we put in tha grave already! Lard 'ave marcy!" We have no doubt the Society will put Davi's quick drawin' hands to good use.

Adam Iarossi

Free-spirited, irreverent, and fascinating. Had a popular lounge act as a stage magician in Cairo for several years, then worked as a 'missionary' in Laos. We think that up until recently he was a trail guide in the Himalayas. In each instance, it was reported that he simply 'disappeared'. He's had other lives as well - lots of them as far as we can tell - and enough disappearances to fill a crate of milk cartons. The unbelievable conclusion about his disappearances that several government researchers have put forward is that he literally shrinks himself down to some tiny size and so seems to simply vanish. During his stint in Cairo, the last time anyone saw him was on stage during his act. We had some of our people question the stage manager at the nightclub where he used to work, and he confirmed, "One minute he was there, and then 'poof', he was gone, and I can swear to you that he never left the stage. There was only one exit. There was no trap door - the most incredible magic performance I've ever seen." What we're just as interested in is what he was doing in his various far-flung locations. Also of interest is that fact that Pandemic publicly claims that 'Adam Iarossi' joined them from Brisbane, Australia. A possible connection with Payne, Inc.? We don't think it could be a coincidence.

Matt Harding

For years he's entertained millions around the world as host of such popular gameshows as "Wock the Clock" and "Food Feud". Recently, however, TV ratings officials have been investigating a remarkable string of disappearances of people who have appeared as contestants on shows he's hosted. "It's eerie," explains one investigator, "we have 13 disappearances from 'Wock the Clock', 9 from Food Feud (including 4 the season it was cancelled) and if you go back to the old days of 'Blitz-o-Bucks', you'll find another 10! And the one constant in all of this? Him. It's him!" Only a handful of those who have disappeared have ever re-surfaced, and all of those have been found dazed, wandering the beach in Santa Monica, CA (near the Pandemic Compound, no less!). One of those lucky few, Angeline Vasqez, told us about her bizarre experience. "It was a few weeks after I appeared on the show. I suddenly woke up and found myself drifting toward a bright light, with these voices singing, calling to me, telling me I would get another chance to win cash and prizes. I'm glad I didn't listen. Then I found myself here on this beach." Could the abductions be part of an alien plot to infiltrate the human race and fix game shows on a national scale? If so, it wouldn't be too surprising to find the Pandemic Society behind it.

Joey the Grape

While all members of the Society are shady figures, this one in particular you will rarely ever see (though his work is in evidence all around us). While his birth records indicate he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, we have strong evidence that suggests that he is actually from Northern Ireland and that overly syrupy Southern drawl is merely an affectation. His listed age, 30, is also a fabrication. In fact, we have reason to believe that this not so average Joe was in covert employment in Algeria and Tunisia during the Second World War. It was even suggested by a recently deceased member of parliament that he had close ties to Sir Winston Churchill. Nowadays, "The Grape" runs the communications end of Pandemic's organization, sending out clandestine, subversive messages to school children, housewives, and educators and interfering with radio and television signals. We also believe that he is the principal operative in the Society's frightening mind control experiments. We have yet to discover why he's called "the Grape".

Julio Jerez

We have no doubt about the identity of this man. Born in the Caribbean, the doctor has been on some of the longest covert journeys in history, trekking to the moon and back on four separate occasions as part of Castro's secret Cuban Space Program. He has also strolled the surfaces of Mars, Ganymede, and Calisto and is rumored to have developed Bugels syndrome, a little known space travel affliction (not thought to be contagious.) "Calisto is a very pretty place," he once remarked in a secretly recorded conversation, "it's icy, but there are really nice views of the cloud patterns on Jupiter." The specific nature of his work with the Society is still a mystery, but we suspect he is probably chief of construction for the Society's lunar vehicle manufacturing program, thought to be based in Nicaragua.

Nathan Mates

Another of the Society's supposed 'programmers', "Pak Man" is so called because he has lived much of his life in the terrorist hotbed of Pakistan. The fact that he publicly joined 'Pandemic Studios' (and we believe the Pandemic Society as well) right after the flurry of recent nuclear tests in Pakistan and neighboring India cannot be considered a coincidence by any reasonable person. Some experts have suggested that it was he who confused the signal of the recently fired U.S. cruise missile that 'accidentally' landed in Pakistan. That the Pandemic Society's recruiting pull is so strong that it can readily lure away deep-cover operatives from far away Asian nations says much about its global stature.

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