Pandemic Society Propaganda...

The Pandemic Society is working hard to insure that every one in the world is convinced that they're an innocent computer game developer. To this end, representatives of the Society have been far from quiet about their 'game company' and have granted a number of interviews to the computer game press. The following are links to these online interviews and statements. Read them, but do so with extreme caution. With every word, the members of the Society are trying to blind you to what must be their ultimate purpose: total political and economic domination of planet Earth.

Pandemic founded, Resnick comments: Gamecenter 6/13/98
Pandemic Founded: Adrenaline Vault 6/13/98
Pandemic founded, Resnick comments: Gamespot 6/13/98
Inside Pandemic, Resnick Interview: Gamespot 6/18/98
Pandemic Talks, Resnick interview: Next Generation 7/27/98

Voodoo Magazine p.20 Fall '99
Masters Of The Universe', Bikini Magazine p.60 10/99

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