10/25  Pandemic and Sony Join in Future Combat

Santa Monica - Pandemic Studios announces a joint venture project with Sony Pictures Imageworks, of Culver City, CA. The collaborative venture is called Future Combat Systems ("FCS"), and is part of the US Army's efforts to tap into the ideas and experiences of Hollywood and the games industry, as they attempt to confront new military challenges in a changing world. FCS will be developing a training game that will help US Army personnel sharpen their tactical thinking skills. more

10/24  Site Update in Progress

Santa Monica - The site is going through a scheduled update. Battlezone II and Dark Reign 2 sections are still online...

We apologize for the inconvenience. You can reach us at info@pandemicstudios.com.

9/28  Still Looking For Great Programmers

Santa Monica - Have fun! Make games! Make a difference! If you have the skills, the passion, and the experience to join a top-notch PS2, Xbox or Gamecube development team, then submit your application materials without delay. There are currently still openings in both our Santa Monica, California and Brisbane, Australia offices. Don't miss out! Great benefits, royalty plan, and beach parking are all part of the package. more

9/28  Australian Office Expanding

Santa Monica - Pandemic's development studio in Brisbane, Australia is expanding and looking for talented programmers to work on its next projects. Check out Pandemic's current job listings for more details.

6/01  Pandemic Recruiting Intensifies

Santa Monica - World officials expressed fresh concerns today over the Pandemic Society's increasingly blatant recruiting efforts. "They're pulling people in from all quarters," reported one concerned expert. "They've got people from Africa, Europe, Australia...about the only continent they haven't touched yet is Antarctica!" As proof of the reasons for the heightened state of alert, he passed along the following text from one of Pandemic's recent monsterous recruiting postings:

"The Pandemic is Expanding! Get Assimilated Now!

Make games! Have fun! Topple world governments! The Pandemic Society is recruiting new field operatives to assist in the accomplishment of its subversive agendas. If you have the skills, the experience, the passion and the twisted genius to join one of our top-notch PS2 or Xbox development teams, then submit your dossier without delay. The Pandemic is on the march, working hand in hand with some of the biggest publishers and most powerful organizations on earth. Don't miss out! This is your chance to get in with the world's coolest secret society as they make their bid for absolute planetary domination. Great benefits, royalty plan, and secret de-coder rings are all part of the package." more

3/09  Ten Days and...Nothing?

Washington - It's been ten days since we heard claims from several top intelligence sources that the Pandemic Society was about to make a major announcement - an announcement that would supposedly reveal an alliance between Pandemic and "the most powerful force in the history of the our planet". We have finally cornered the Society's front man, Josh Resnick, and demanded that he tell us something. "Most powerful force?" he quipped, "I dunno. Love? Rock 'n' Roll? Look, you guys have got to stop already with this countdown stuff. The fact is we are at work on several major new projects, there will be announcements made concerning each of them, and right now I can't say anything. That's it." more

2/26  Pandemic Feared Involved in Major New Alliance

Washington - "It could upset the balance of world power for decades," warns one analyst, "and the players who we think are in this thing have the resources to affect millions across the planet. The Pandemic Society has never pulled anything this big." To many in the intelligence community, the recent activities of the Society point to the formation of a powerful new alliance between Pandemic and what one historian has describes as, "the most powerful force in the history of the our planet - and I don't mean gravity." more

1/24  Pandemic Strangely Quiet

Santa Monica - With evidence mounting every day that the Pandemic Society is currently in the midst of a massive build-up, their public silence is especially confounding. One citizen who is extremely worried is Ewing McKenzie, President of P.A.C.T. (People Against Conspiratorial Terror) "I've seen dozens of new faces going in through that security gate," he reports, "boxes of new computer equipment being hauled in, new phones. You guys all saw those recruiting notices they've had up everywhere. They're growing. They're expanding. And they're more dangerous now than ever before! And yet we hear nothing. No threats of new projects. No announcements of new plans for world domination. The silence is deafening!". more

10/10  Street Prophet Warns: End is Near!

Santa Monica - He's been standing on the sidewalk in front of the Pandemic Compound for six days now, shouting to everyone who will listen - "The Pandemic is coming! The End is near!" Derwood Helman would probably be described by most casual observers as a 'street person' or even a 'crazy bum', but this bum's no ordinary beggar. "I'm jus' out here beggin' for people to lissen!" pleads Helman. "They gotta understand what's goin' on in there! There are people what go in there and don't come out - not ever. And if you knew what they were planning in there, you'd try to do something about it." more

8/24  New Dark Reign 2 patch worries school officials

Santa Monica - "That Pandemic Society is just a bad influence! It figures they would do something like this right as the school year was about to start," moaned veteran teacher Angela Fempton as she festooned her classroom bulletin boards for the upcoming fall semester. "They've already got Pandemic stickers and those Pandemic T-shirts. And this patch - well, we had hoped this whole Dark Reign 2 craze would die down before the shool year started, but now with the DR2 patch's expanded multiplayer settings, improved WON.net lobby, new key bindings, and host of other fixes and improvements, the kids are going to start playing more Dark Reign 2 than ever! When will people understand - we've got to do something to stop this Pandemic Society before they get more control over our young people. Their whole thing with secrets and propaganda and that evil-looking gasmask symbol - It's pretty clear what they're up to - and it's no good. And I don't care what the kids say this year - I'm not allowing any more of those Pandemic T-shirts in my classroom!" School officials in many areas share Ms. Femton's concerns, and there are reports that in several parts of the country watchdog groups are being formed. Experts are saying at this point the full effect of Pandemic's Dark Reign 2 and this new patch can only be guessed at.

8/03  Press overcome with DR2 mania

New York - Press watchdog groups around the world have grown increasingly concerned over the past few weeks about a trend they feared might develop. "People have been spending so much time and energy probing into the day-to-day activities of the Pandemic Society itself," explains press monitor Roger DeMartini, "that they've lost sight of the fact that it's the gaming press that's just as much to blame for the spread of this Dark Reign 2 thing as anyone else. I mean - look at this stuff. They just can't seem to say enough great stuff about it. The influence this kind of talk could have on the youth of our great nation cannot be ignored - and I'm not even taking into account the international risks." Several world agencies have begun advising Parents to read all "game review" material carefully before allowing it to be displayed in front of the eyes of their children.

5/10  New Dark Reign 2 movie and website

Santa Monica -  The Pandemic Society is at it again, this time launching a new website and releasing a new AVI from their latest sinister project, Dark Reign 2. "It definitely has us concerned," whispered one top diplomat in between emergency meetings of world leaders. "It's not just the new images that they're putting up there for people, even children, to see, it's that new movie, too. Several of our experts fear that it's exactly the sort of thing that could lure young people into the Pandemic way of thinking. Just between you and me, though, we're scrambling to come up with contingency plans."

5/10  Pandemic operatives spotted at L.A. Convention Center

Santa Monica -  Officials are expressing fresh concerns over the sighting of several people believed to be connected to the Pandemic Society snooping around the L.A. Convention Center today. "We know they're up to something," one intelligence officer shared with us, "but we'll be on the alert. They were in the Activision booth over in the main hall where they're setting up for that big E3 show this weekend, so that's where we're gonna be on the lookout for them." E3, the Electronics Entertainment Exposition, will be held this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles. Many insiders believe that the Pandemic Society may be using the show to brainwash the public with a demonstration of their latest 'project', Dark Reign 2. If you're at the show this week and see any of the operatives identified on this site, please contact us immediately. Your vigilance may be essential to keeping the world safe for our way of life.

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